Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Book is done!

Well, after a long absence, I am back.

The long awaited book; "The Social Marketing Manifesto" is finally done. I will be sending out a broadcast to my list at Everyone on my list will receive an UNLIMITED REPRINT/RESALE rights copy of my book.

Please give me your feedback, opinions, and testimonials as a comment on this blog. It would be greatly appreciated and I will incorporate your feedback into improving the book.

Thank you.


  1. Congratulations on the book George!

    This is such a great book because George is a business man first and foremost, not just a software geek, so his perspective is different from most, if not all, software vendors. He's focused on the bottom line and how to use tools to generate income. That makes a huge difference in how he approaches software.

    If you are at all interested in making money in social networking/membership websites, you need to read what George has to say.

    Douglas Rice

  2. George Tran is a social marketing genius! He's a trailblazer among trailblazers, who reveals all in, "The Social Marketing Manifesto." His book is an absolute game-changer in the world of marketing, reputation mangement, brand building, and online visibility.

    "The Social Marketing Manifesto" reveals things that you won't learn anywhere else, and will absolutely give you an advantage in the online and offline world. Every business, organization, and agency, and every person involved within them, needs to put everything else aside and read this ground-breaking work of art right now!

    You'll be able to clearly define your professional and online life in two distinct parts - the wasted days before you read "The Social Marketing Manifesto," and the enlightenned days after.

    What if there was a tool that could radically improve your marketing efforts, absolutely transform your brand-building strategies, and dramatically balloon your visibility? What if word-of-mouth and the power of technology were silent, aggressive, tireless salespeople for you and your business? What if all this was staring you in the face right now, in "The Social Marketing Manifesto?" Would you take advantage of it? Would you make the move that will dramatically change your life and your results? You can be sure that your competitors will.

    Peter Leeds
    The Penny Stock Professional

  3. If you've been around the Internet marketing world for any time at all, you've come across and all its rebranded variations. Many of the gurus use this software to run their downloadable e-products, their autoresponders, newsletters, etc.

    The programmer who created 1shoppingcart is George Tran, and George has just released "The Social Marketing Manifesto," a very well-written, well-thought-out, and well-researched 154-page e-book that helps you quickly understand the culture of social media networks, has great advice for how to monetize, and reviews numerous tools to set up your own social media network and/or participate more effectively on existing platforms.

  4. Great content George. Your book has prompted me to reconsider some parts of my current member site and consider starting a 2nd site when i360connect is accepting new clients. If you want to understand Social Marketing, read the "The Social Marketing Manifesto"

  5. "The Social Marketing Manifesto" has helped us plan for our own social networking site. It guides you through everything, step by step, so you can plan for a successful site.

    Author George Tran explains why social networking is gaining not only in popularity, but in marketing power. The importance of social equity cannot be overlooked in today's marketplace. He explains how to make this model work for information marketers, non-profits, schools and more.

    Since George is well-versed in business, he teaches how to develop your key business objectives and how to handle the monetization of your social network. He covers the secrets to a successful social network and talks about the challenges facing those creating one.

    Having talked with George, it is clear he knows this topic backwards and forwards. If this is an area you're considering for your website, read this book. It will get you started in the right direction from the very beginning.

  6. This book is a must read for anyone wanting to learn about or capitalize on web 3.0 and the future of internet technology. The Social Marketing Manifesto not only provides insight into where the net is headed, but is also a step by step guide on how you can monetize this evolution!

    Whether you are looking to build your own social networking website or just interested in learning about social media – this book is a no brainer and is an absolute steal at the price listed. I make sure all my clients read through and understand the principles of this book before building their own social networking website.

    Thanks again George!

    Mathew Paul
    Ehive Inc.

  7. This book is not just for the internet businessperson. It offers valuable advice, insights, and tips for any administrator or manager on how best to serve and communicate with your customer. I will be sharing The Social Marketing Manifesto with my educator friends and healthcare colleagues, as well as implementing its ideas in my work.

  8. Despite how I felt, the cold harsh truth was: I was falling behind the times and if I didn’t learn these new ways of communicating, I would no longer be able to compete with others in my field. I had no other choice. I had to embrace technology – not just what I thought was important but, I had to be open to learning all of the time. Many of my clients feel this way about Web 2.0, specifically social networking.

    Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, Squidoo, Linked In…which one? Where to spend their time? Why should they spend their time on any of these sites? How will this new way of communicating impact their business? And, how will they maintain this new way of communicating?

    One of the fastest, easiest ways to learning it is “The Social Marketing Manifesto” by George Tran, the programmer who created 1shoppingcart. “The Social Marketing Manifesto,” is a very well-written, well-thought-out, and well-researched 154-page e-book that helps you quickly understand the culture of social media networks, has great advice for how to monetize, and this book, “The Social Marketing Manifesto” reviews numerous tools to set up your own social media network and/or participate more effectively on existing platforms.

    The price is fair and won’t break the bank! This is an information jam packed e-book that will provide you with the foundation needed to fully understand social networking.

  9. If you want to get succeed online, or you want to know how to tie all the buzz of social media together, the Social Networking Manifesto is manditory reading material.

    People pay thousands of dollars to learn this same material through courses and workshops and George and Kean are graciously offering it for in this book. Set aside time to read this book now!

    Andrew Hewitt, bestselling author of The Power of Focus for College Students www.AndrewHewitt.orgBestselling author of The Power of Focus for College Students and co-creator of Trump University's Start Right! How to Launch a Great Career

  10. This is one of the best internet marketing books I've read in a LONG time, and I've read quite a lot of them.

    George clearly knows what he is talking about. His background in e-commerce from definitely shows. His explanation and break down for both online and offline businesses was articulate and clear. This book shows how businesses big and small can use social media to expand their reach and not only monetize from their users but grow their influence.

    This is definitely one book I would recommend to my friends and associates.

    Sean McAlister