Monday, March 30, 2009

Could this be the "Next Big Thing" in internet marketing?

The discovery of the "Squeeze page" with a opt-in revolutionized marketing online. This important concept created companies like aWeber and 1Shop as this allows marketers to build a mailing list.

Here are key components of the Squeeze page.

- the intro/sales letter
- the bribe
- the sequential autoresponder and/or mailing list for mailing out offers.

Typically, the bribe comes in the form of an ebook/report.

The problem with this is:

1) eBooks are often not read.
2) eBooks can be forwarded to friends (thus bypassing the opt-in)
3) People give bogus email addresses.

Don't get me wrong. The opt-in concept works and is very powerful. But, what do you think of the idea of instead of sending your users an email with the e-book, sending them to a HIGH QUALITY/VALUE 7 to 14 day e-course instead that is linked with your community website via your squeeze page?

Doing so would get you some interesting consequences:

1) the e-course can not be sent to friends.

2) the viewer will naturally want to tell their friends about it and have them share the experience/learning...which makes for a NATURAL viral engine. You don't even have to pay them for the referral.

3) You are training your users to come to your community site daily for the next 2 weeks. If they see a high degree of activity and value - they will naturally want to be more involved in the community.

4) Regardless whether the client provided a good or bad email address....they will still consume your content and come to value your community...and may eventually join as a paid member.

The key to making this work then is building a HIGH quality 7 day e-course for your free opt-ins. One worth talking about. One worth sharing. At the end of each module, you will say, "If this has helped you, then share it with your friends. Click on the link below to invite your friends so they can experience this e-course also."

If you perfect this system, I believe you should get an unbelievable explosion in client referrals naturally..without needing to pay them an affiliate commission.

Essentially, like Michelle MacPhearson's where she offers an incredible value ebook that is worth passing around, this concept also builds your list and member opt-ins. Social Media Marketing with Michelle MacPhearson.

The second part to make this all work is the e-course opt-in technology tied to a community website. I am working on this to be included on our platform to make the whole process integrated.

What do you think of the concept? I dub it "viral opt-in ecourse".

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