Thursday, December 18, 2008

2009: Mad Land rush

As we are closing out the year, it is a good time to reflect on the year gone by. Some people have regrets, you know, "should haves" and "could haves". What's done is done.

The New Year is just around the corner. Many people have new year resolutions. Invariably, many people fail short on their resolutions and repeat the cycle of beating themselves up at the end of the year.

Why does this happen? Why do people keep having these new year resolutions only to set themselves up for disappointment? There are many reasons for this, but it's really doesn't matter.

2009 is a once in a life time opportunity for the greatest wealth transfer in the history of the world. More multi-millionaires will be made in 2009 than any year before this. Some of you reading this are probably saying "George, you're nuts. Look around, we're in the middle of a recession." That's right! If you look at history, more millionaires were made than ever before in the last Great Depression than any other time in history too. Guys, it's a mad land rush. Either you sit around an buy in to the crap you're fed by the media, or you take action and do something about it. Your choice.

Resolution vs. Resolve.

The reason why people fail to meet their New Year resolution is they pledge something they have all the intention of fulfilling, but don't have the time/money/energy/resources to actually get it done. In other words, they are bitting off more than they can chew. So this year, I am challenging you to do something different. Instead of focusing on the result, focus on the action. Here are a few examples:

"I want to lose 20 pounds this year."
Instead focus on the small daily actions that can make a difference. "I will make time in my day to walk just 5 minutes a day, and drink at least 36oz. of water."

"I want to be out of debt."
Instead have the resolve to create two new fund accounts. 1) Set aside just $2 a day...$30 extra a month to pay off your debt. 2) Set aside some money, time, and resources to learn new skills to make money in this economy. You see, if you continue to do what you've always will get the same results you've always gotten. In other words, if you "get out of debt" will eventually get yourself back into need to change your core of those changes include "learn how to make more money." Unfortunately, to most people...making more money means a promotion or working longer hours. That's not what I mean. Let's go back to my initial premise...2009 is a land rush....learn how to claim yours. This is where the 2) set aside money for new skills come in.

The Internet represents the largest growth opportunity in the history of human civilization. Even with the so called "recession"...the Internet is growing beyond anything anyone has ever seen. With growth comes opportunities. If you ask around truly successful internet marketers, they will unanimously tell you, business couldn't be better.

With the advent of new media, social networking, and twitter...these new ways of communication is totally changing the way people are communicating. This means opportunity! What used to work is no longer working as effectively.

If you learn the skills of new media, you will be ahead of your competitors. Big companies are not moving as fast, frankly, they are as lost as everyone else. Your competitors may not be embracing this phenomenon. If you take the time, energy and money to invest in yourself and ACTUALLY TAKE ACTION, you will be able to take advantage of the changing landscape and thrive in the new economy.

Wealth comes from creating value. Period. How can you create value by helping people, your community, humankind, the environment, etc and build a business around it so you get paid. That there is the basics of business.

How can use social media to build value? Start a blog...just like what I am doing. Create a twitter account and let people follow you. Offer more valuable content than your competitors. The new paradigm is not in slick advertising. Those days are gone. It's in building relationships. What are you doing to build relationships with people?

In summary, all I am saying is, don't have new year resolutions without focusing on core behaviorial changes. Doing the same thing you've always done and expecting different results is just.....silly. Start creating value by building relationships with people. Earn social equity.

In my new book; which I will be publishing next year, I have outlined the new social contract and the new economy. As a special gift, I would like to give it to you for free (retail for $29.95). All you need to do is to join my A-List newsletter above.

Have a safe Holiday Season.


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